| Enter and Activate Code You have just opened the box of a brand new Amazon product and now you're eager to discover it. How do you begin? Find out about how you can connect devices with Prime to allow you to enjoy and stream exclusive Prime members' content anywhere. All you need is to set up an your Amazon account and then activate it using Amazon MY TV activation code

What's ?

When you buy an subscription that is paid for Amazon Prime subscription, monthly or yearly, you'll be issued a verification code to ensure that your Prime benefits as a member are transferred to the proper account. This code has to be verified on the website and is utilized there quickly. It is possible to redeem the code at any time. Amazon code is an unique combination of alphanumeric characters . It can be given to you at any time you create it. When you have generated this code, you are able to start the process of enable your Amazon subscription benefits. Therefore, with no delay, let's start.

Where can you sign up for

To begin to get started, it is essential you sign up for an account with the Amazon platform. The instructions are provided below. After your account is created is completed, you are able to begin the activation procedure.

  1. The first step is to visit using a browser.

  2. Once you have that, go to the Amazon app and click on the option "New to Amazon"

  3. In the next screen that appears Select "Create an Amazon account"

  4. On the registration form you will need to fill in your personal information

  5. After you have filled in your details After filling in the information, click on"Create Account" button "Create account" button

  6. You can now purchase any type of subscription and also get TV

  7. In order to complete your purchase you need to make the payment first.

How to set up an Amazon Prime Account?

To be able to access Amazon Prime video user need to register an account. The process of creating an account can be found below:

1.Open an online program to go to

2.Click to open Amazon Prime Video - Watch Movies and TV Shows Online Snap-on the "Start Your 30 days Free Trial" option. Choose an arrangement as suggested by the requirements you have set.

3.Select "Make Your Amazon Account".

4.Fill with your personal information like your email address, name or secret word. Then then choose the payment method.

5.Your account was successfully created.


By following these guidelines, which are applicable to various devices, you can use these guidelines to activate Amazon Prime Music on your device. You can reach the Amazon customer service team if you have any issues.